Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Life, or mine at least can be overwhelming at times. I think that as we grow older it is almost impossible to continue to look at life the way we did as we grew. I think now that I am older, my birthiday will be next week, I am looking at life through a whole new perspective.
I used to think there would be an easier way to make some good money in life. However, as I am aging, I will have to say my mom was right about this. These kinds of things do not happen for people like us. I am wanting to make at least enough every year to begin supporting supporting myself again, however, it does not look like I will be able to do that anytime soon.
I hate being forty and living with my parents. Life can be such a drag with your parents. You are caught between a rock and hard spot when it comes to living with your parents. I understand life will be getting better when I am done with college and have a more stable job. I just do not understand why it is taking this long. Further, I do not understand why it has taken me even longer to figure out life.